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Pancreatic Cancer Cell

Pancreatic Cancer Cell

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Ben’s Presentation

I enjoyed your presentation ben!

I didn’t know that there was such a community for a sport, especially online.  I remember you saying something about how friendships are formed on these communities? I guess i have never understood how online friendships can be formed. Are you apart of this commnity? Have you fromed friendships?

Well done.

Erik’s Presentation

I enjoyed your presentation today erik!

I had no idea there was such a massive type of social media and connections for hikers. I guess since i knew that social media sites were more based around other things rather then the outdoors. But i guess there is something for everything now a days. How often do these people use social media sites about hiking? or should they be spending more time outside?

Thanks for the info!

Sarah’s Presentation

Well done, my friend! 

I enjoyed your presentation, while it was a sad, I enjoyed what you had to say. I knew there was an immense online community of support on caringbridge, i have had numerous friends and family members on that website. My question for you is, what happens to the caringbridge websites after the patient gets better? do people keep showing support even after the patient is done being sick? 

good job!


She’s beautiful…a friend of mine is a photographer and took this photo and I had to share…


She’s beautiful…a friend of mine is a photographer and took this photo and I had to share…

Hard Alcohol and Pancreatic Cancer


Cancer of the pancreas is usually associated with smoking, obesity and family history. Knowledge about what causes this pancreatic cancer is particularly important because it has remained stubbornly resistant to medical advances, and patients have a less than 5% chance of living beyond five years. But continued research reveals ‘heavy’ alcohol consumption is almost certainly an independent risk factor, particularly among men.

Noetic Science


I love noetic science, you already know what from our discussions, but i thought your presentation today was excellent. I know you ran a little short on time, but i took the time to look at your project a little more, and i really enjoyed your work! I love the idea that there could be a connection between science and human consciousness. What other studies have been done on noetic science? Way to go bud!